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Gemma snare drumming

About me

Hi my name is Gemma, I am 22 years old and single.
I have learning difficulties, short term memory loss, Erb's Palsy of the right side to the waist and partially sighted.

But I love the drums.......

I started drumming as therapy for my right arm when I started having muscle transplants in London when I was 7, we were trying to gain movement in the arm, but after 8 operations over many years I have been left with an arm that doesn't work as well as it should, but I still manage to play the drums and percussion. 
So I say "you can do it too" whatever your disability.


As well as running Rhythm Sticks professionally, I also run, and enjoy, Children’s Drumming Parties, click here to find out more!

Drumming is for all, and children just love this - see the photographs in the Media page!                                        

Breakthrough - Independent Living AwardsBreakthrough Film Script

Michele Scattergood

“Breakthrough UK is an organisation of disabled people and that means over 60% of our board of directors are disabled people.”

“Currently 45% of our staff are disabled people. What we do we promote the rights, responsibilities and respect for disabled people.”
“We do that through a variety of services and projects that we run.”
“This is our fourth National Independent Living Awards.”
“What the awards aim to do is celebrate those organisations and individuals that demonstrate excellence either in removing barriers to support disabled people in some way or peer mentor them, provide good example or employ disabled people.
“And we have a number of categories that try to capture that.” “What we wanted to do is develop a socialmedia approach to the awards.  So people could celebrate at a fairly low cost to them, we’re hoping people may be able to take the awards and still use the logo with pride event though they haven’t had to expend large costs.”

Judging Panel
Breakthrough UK Ltd
National Independent
Living Awards 2011

Michele Scattergood

“From the business side it was excellent.”

Jackie Driver

“I agree, I think for me, I kinda think of those TV programmes where they do entrepreneurial things and it is about reaching a wide audience here - that was the thing for me. That gave her the edge.”

Rich Watts

“I’d chip in with that. I think Rhythm Sticks, Gemma. Actually the work that she’s doing and the business that she’s set up was pretty good and definitely had that entrepreneurial streak.”

Michele Scattergood

“And our first Cornish winner!”
“We felt that actually in terms of striking out to new markets Rhythm Sticks were exceptional and a young woman running her own business.”

Rhythm Sticks Response

Gemma Brown

“Hello my name is Gemma Brown from Rhythm Sticks, thank you Breakthrough UK for my award. This means a lot to me – Rhythm Sticks is my own business. I am pleased to show others who have a learning disability what they can achieve. I hope this will inspire many other people. Thank you.”

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